February 2016

L&S approves motion for City to seek new injunction against Uber

by John Q. Duffy

The City should try again to persuade the courts to impose an injunction preventing the dispatching of UberX vehicles to customers.

City Council, meeting January 30 and February 1 and 2, 2016, must approve this Licensing and Standards Committee motion. MORE

Toronto’s Mayor could learn a lot from his Calgary counterpart

by Mike Beggs

On January 27, Edmonton became the first Canadian city to legalize Uber, with its Mayor Don Iveson deeming their new bylaw “a step forward” that will enable innovation and competition within the transportation industry.

In an 8-4 vote, Edmonton councillors passed the bylaw allowing ridesharing firms such as Uber to operate legally, as long as they register with the City and carry proper, provincially mandated insurance. Taking effect on March 1, the bylaw includes two separate licenses – one for Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s), and one for taxicabs. MORE

What is a life’s work worth?

by Mike Beggs

With Toronto Mayor John Tory seemingly hell-bent on paving the way for the new-fangled ride-sharing economy and Tim Hudak’s Bill 131 (“Opportunities In The Sharing Economy Act”) swiftly passing second reading at Queen’s Park, some Toronto taxi leaders are wondering if the writing isn’t on the wall for the industry to begin contemplating the question of financial compensation for their tremendous losses. MORE


2016 Taxi News



While Toronto’s Mayor continues to waffle in the face of Uber’s massively destructive and unlawful incursions in the City’s regulated taxi market, civic leaders in other jurisdictions are choosing to take a vigorous and principled stand in defense of municipal regulation and enforcement of bylaws designed to protect the greater public interest.

Cover Cab

This month’s Cover Cab is veteran driver and Ambassador owner Sunday Adefarakan, who has been driving cab since 1985. If the City doesn’t do something soon to defend the livelihoods of its licensed taxi drivers, Adefarakan says he is seriously considering withholding his taxi license fees. He says he is just hoping for the best.

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L&S approves motion for City to seek new injunction against Uber

Toronto’s Mayor could learn a lot from his Calgary counterpart

What is a life’s work worth?

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