May 2015

L&S comes out swinging on the side of Standard taxi owners

by John Q. Duffy

At the end of the day, the committee votes were unanimous to recommend to City Council that at least some of the most recent taxi reforms be rolled back to the way things were prior to Council’s approval of a reform package in February, 2014. MORE

Council supports industry, votes against Minnan-Wong

by Mike Beggs

It marked a significant – if perhaps transitory – break from the past when, on April 2, Toronto Council voted 24 to 17 against a motion by Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong to reinstate a mandatory deadline for the conversion of Standard taxi licenses into the new Toronto Taxi License (TTL), and to, “bundle together” several taxi issues into one motion. MORE

L&S steps up for Deputy Mayor’s ‘millionaires’

by Mike Beggs

Tensions were running high, with a motion to restore the Standard taxi plate to where it stood prior to the 2014 Reforms, heading back to Toronto Council for a final vote on May 4 and 5.

At a packed Licensing & Standards Committee meeting on April 21, members again voted unanimously in favour of reversing the Reforms – but not before a group of enraged drivers stormed out of the Council Chambers in protest! MORE


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A banner month

It was a great day for Toronto’s long-suffering Standard taxi owners April 2 when City Council voted down a motion by Deputy Mayor and belligerent cab reform point man Denzil Minnan-Wong to reinstate the mandatory deadline for Standard plate conversion. Three weeks later, members of the City’s L&S Committee voted unanimously to pull the plug a number of the City’s more contentious reforms. Those motions go to Council May 4-5.

Cover Cab

This month’s Cover Cab is Crown Taxi driver Malik Shairyar Ahmad, a recipient of the Co-op Cabs Service Excellence Award. Ahmad is a Standard plate owner who has been driving cab in Torontofor ten years. A night driver, he says he’s thinking about switching to the day shift now that he is “getting older”. He worries Uber has taken a big slice of his business and will be following the City’s upcoming court case with great interest.

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L&S comes out swinging on the side of Standard taxi owners

Council supports industry, votes against Minnan-Wong

L&S steps up for Deputy Mayor’s ‘millionaires’

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