June 2015

Mayor Tory kicks Standard plate decision down the road

by Mike Beggs

The heavy push to reinstate the pre-2014 provisions of the Standard taxi plate stalled at a crucial May 5th meeting of Toronto Council.

And vitriol flew, when Mayor John Tory stepped in to defer consideration of this motion coming from the City’s Licensing & Standards Committee, “until such time as City Council considers a report from the City Solicitor, with respect to the Court decision on Uber”. (The City’s application for an injunction to shut down this huge, unlicensed, Silicon Valley-based taxi app provider is to be heard on June 1, 2 and 3 in Ontario Superior Court). MORE

Mayor’s decision leaves everybody hanging…

by Mike Beggs

“Every time we come here, nothing, just waiting for the worst. Maybe in a 100 years…”

So said long-time owner/operator Salomon Peralta, emerging from the May 5 meeting of Toronto Council.

He was among the hundreds of taxi owners hoping for Council approval of a Licensing & Standards Committee motion which would bring the Standard plate back to where it stood prior to the Taxi Reforms of 2014. But instead, they witnessed Mayor John Tory’s deferral of this motion, pending the outcome of the Superior Court decision on Uber. (The start of that hearing was pushed back by the Court from May 19 to June 1). MORE

Mayor’s committee suspends debate on Uber issues indefinitely

by John Q. Duffy

Debate on the issue of Uber operations in the City of Toronto has been deferred “indefinitely” as a result of the Mayor’s Executive Committee refusing to consider a suggestion that the Uber car-hailing app be deleted from all City-owned smartphones.

According to the Mayor’s office, only some 19 to 24 City-owned phones have the controversial app downloaded out of about 12,000 owned by the City and provided to its employees. MORE


2015 Taxi News


A banner month

It was a great day for Toronto’s long-suffering Standard taxi owners April 2 when City Council voted down a motion by Deputy Mayor and belligerent cab reform point man Denzil Minnan-Wong to reinstate the mandatory deadline for Standard plate conversion. Three weeks later, members of the City’s L&S Committee voted unanimously to pull the plug a number of the City’s more contentious reforms. Those motions go to Council May 4-5.

Cover Cab

This month’s Cover Cab is ten-year industry veteran Yusuf Sayed Farooqi, an owner/driver who also manages two other plates. Farooqi is not happy with the City’s plans to convert the entire industry to owner-operated taxicabs. He compares the policy to the City telling restaurant owners they can only own one restaurant. He would also like to see the city rid of Uber and UberX.

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Mayor Tory kicks Standard plate decision down the road

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