February 2015

New license fees still highest in the world

by John Q. Duffy

Most licensing fees in the taxi industry are going up for 2015, after having been relatively stagnant for a couple of years while the latest taxicab review was underway.

Taxicab drivers will pay more to get new licenses. But they will pay less to renew existing licenses.

Toronto’s cab drivers and taxicab owners still pay, arguably, the highest initial licensing and renewal fees on the planet.

Certainly no one has been able to point to any other jurisdiction with higher fees for the taxicab industry.

A new applicant to become a taxicab driver will now pay $648.17 to take the course, which is actually a decrease from 2014 ($661.80). This fee includes $75.71 for mandatory CPR training.

It will cost cab drivers a base fee of $329.43 to renew, plus $219.32 if they have to take a Refresher Course, plus $75.71 for CPR training.

In 2014 cab drivers paid a base fee of $344.39 to renew, plus $241.70 if they had to take the Refresher Course, plus $75.71 for CPR training.

Overall, this amounts to a fee decrease of $22.38.

Standard and the new Toronto Taxi License holders will pay the same renewal fees $1,247.39 including the CPR fee of $75.71.

New applicants for the new TTL plates, and transfer fees for Standard plates, also are the same, at $4860.83 ($4785.12 plus $75.71 for the CPR course).

This is an increase of $118.53 over the 2014 fees for Standard plates. The TTL permits are a new license category.

Some drivers who previously held Ambassador permits and transferred them to the TTL licenses in 2014, were shocked at seeing their renewal costs rise from the mid-$400 per year level to over $1200 in 2015.

They say they had no inkling they would be paying the same fees as traditional Standard plate holders.

Holders of Accessible taxicab permits see new application fees go to $490.21 from $478.07, a rise of $12.14. Accessible renewals go from $398.27 to $408.38, a rise of $10.11.

Taxicab Brokers will see their fees rise by $9.73 over 2014, to $392.73 for a new application from $383.00 in 2014. They go up $6.44 over the 2014 fee, to $264.04 for renewals in 2015.


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