February 2020

An appeal has been filed after a pre-Christmas decision by a Provincial Court Judge to deny class action status to a group representing Toronto taxicab owners seeking compensation for loss of license value since app-based dispatch companies, like Uber and Lyft, were allowed to operate in the city.

Arguments from both sides of the certification bid were heard in November and the ruling was published on December 16, 2019. MORE

Uber to pay $4.4 million to end federal sex harassment probe

A federal commission said Wednesday that Uber Technologies Inc. will establish a $4.4 million fund for employees who experienced sexual harassment while at the San Francisco ride-hailing company. MORE

Uber to take exit ramp in Colombia after “arbitrary” court ruling

BOGOTA, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc will stop operating in Colombia at the end of this month, following a court order late last year which the ride-hailing company on Friday called “arbitrary” and a violation of its right to due process. MORE

The Manley Letters

Since the enactment of Toronto’s game changing Vehicle-For-Hire Bylaw in July of 2016, long-time Toronto taxi owner/operator Gerry Manley has made a concerted effort to draw attention to what he alleges to be the many flaws and illegalities contained in the controversial legislation, in the hope of creating greater awareness of the devastating impact it has had on both the taxi industry and the broader public interests it serves.

Since passage of the bylaw, he has sent a barrage of well-researched letters to countless politicians and bureaucrats at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government, in the hope of spurring corrective regulatory action.

With a view to streamlining this voluminous body of research, Manley has issued a series of letters addressing specific problems inherent in the new regulatory landscape. Beginning this month, Taxi News will be running a news story highlighting one of these letters each month for the duration of the series. Manley’s original letters will be posted here on Taxinews.com, beginning with his letter to Premier Doug Ford. Subsequent letters in the series will be posted
here monthly following publication of the accompanying story in Taxi News…READ HERE


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ATOOL Decision












ATOOL Decision

Uber to pay $4.4 million to end federal sex harassment probe

Uber to take exit ramp in Colombia after “arbitrary” court ruling

She fractured her spine after the car ran a red light

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Develops Non-Intrusive Artificial Intelligence Technology to Screen for Cannabis

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